Jazz trumpet player Daniel Zeinoun founded the Brass Band “Brazzo Brazzone and the World Brass Ensemble”in Hannover, Germany in Spring of 2012.

The Legend says Daniel's Italian great grandfather Brazzo Brazzone (of whom he had never heard of before) came to him in a dream and sent him on a mission to reestablish the fabulous World Brass Ensemble. The Band believes profoundly that great grandfather Brazzone was the inventor of Brass Band music and that he wrote most of the hits of our time.

Hannover's “Brazzo  Brazzone & the World Brass Ensemble” is a world wide one of a kind Italo-world-groove brass band. The band's repertoire is a wild mix of jazz, rock, funk, latin and balkanbeats. The Songs they play are well known pop hits in “original” brass band versions as well as their own compositions. 

In 2013 they recorded their first CD “Best of Brazzo 1922 – 2013”. In that year they also played countless concerts. The success of the famiglia Brazzone continued in 2014 and  they put out, very pronto, their second recording “Less Conversation – More Action”. The 3rd CD will be released in March 2019

The Band  regularly receives good reviews and played meanwhile on Concerts and Festivals all over Germany and as well in Italy, Polen and China.